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Coyote Creek
The Coyote Creek Trail is planned and partially developed as one of the network's longest trail systems, ultimately extending from the Bay to the City's southern boundary. At this time, you can access a northern portion of the trail system from Highway 237 Bikeway to Montague Expressway. A short downtown portion travels through Selma Olinder Park. The southern portion begins at Tully Road and extends southward through county jurisdiction and reaches Morgan Hill. The Coyote Creek Trail provides views of the waterway, and urban and rural settings.

18.7 miles (total distance, but not connected)
  • Northern Reach: Gravel – Highway 237-Montague Expressway (1.4 mi.) 
  • Central Reach: Paved – William St-Hwy 280, in Selma Olinder Park (0.5 mi.)* 
  • Southern Reach: Paved - Tully Road-Morgan Hill, near Anderson County Park (16.8 mi.) 

Map - Highway 237 Bikeway to Montague Expressway 
Map - Tully Road to Yerba Buena Road 
Map - Yerba Buena Road to County jurisdiction 
Map - Alignment from Berryessa BART to BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Santa Clara Street

Under development
Fact Sheet - Images of new (July 2015) reach of Coyote Creek Trail (Berryessa to Mercado)

Public Art piece (between Tasman Drive and Montague Expressway) 

The northern reach of the Coyote Creek Trail (from Highway 237 Bikeway to Montague Expressway) is designated as part of the National Recreation Trail.

Planning Documents 
Master Plan - Montague Expressway to Highway 101 
Master Plan - Highway 101 to Story Road (master planned named "Lower Silver Creek to Story Road")
Feasibility Study - Highway 101 to Story Road 
Master Plan - Phelan Avenue to Tully Road 
Feasibility Study - Martha Street Pedestrian Bridge 
Master Plan - Coyote Creek through Orchard Park (Old Oakland Road to UPRR Tracks) 
Preliminary Engineering Study - Singleton Crossing (Creek restoration, barrier removal and bridge installation)  NEW
Preliminary Engineering Study - Singleton Crossing (Appendix to study)  NEW

Design Documents
90% Plans - Story Road to Phelan Avenue  (38MB file - sorry for slow download)