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Jul 23

Supplemental Watering for Young Trees

Posted on July 23, 2018 at 1:45 PM by Colin Heyne

How to water young trees
Watering your young tree for the first three years of its new life at your home is the best way to ensure its long-term survival. Here is how you can set your tree up for success in three easy steps.
  1. Create a 3-5' watering basin by forming a berm of soil around the planting hole.
  2. Place a layer of bark mulch 4-6" deep that extends to the dripline of the tree. Note that the mulch should be pulled back at least 2-3"  from the tree trunk to avoid trunk decay. 
  3. Water the tree with 10-15 gallons per week. Keep in mind that trees in sandy soils will need more frequent watering versus trees in clay soil which will need less and hotter days cause more water loss than cool days. If you have automatic irrigation check for leaks regularly. Whether you hand water or use an automatic system water is best applied at a slow speed to allow for soil to fully saturate and avoid runoff. 
You can get more information from Cal Fire on this topic.