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Sep 28

Preparing for Storms - Removing Leaf Debris

Posted on September 28, 2018 at 9:41 AM by Colin Heyne

leaf debris in gutters leaf debris in parkstrip 

Storm system drains have limited capacity and even a small amount of debris can obstruct the grates that prevent debris from entering the storm system. Unfortunately, many species of trees in our area drop their leaves just before our rainy season begins, increasing the risk of blockage. In certain cases, failure to remove leaf debris in a timely manner can lead reduced water flow and increased roadway when the drains become clogged. You can help reduce the risk of flooding by taking a few simple steps in advance of storm:

  • Collect and properly dispose of leaf debris weekly during rainy season and at a minimum before large storms are expected.
  • If you have one, always use your yard waste container to contain the leaves prior to pick-up by the collection company.
  • If you have too many leaves to fit in the yard waste container, store excess leaves in the parkstrip or your front yard to reduce the amount of debris that can enter storm system.
  • Remove leaves and loose debris from the top of storm drain inlets with a rake or shovel.