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Oct 29

Storm Prep - Canopy Inspection

Posted on October 29, 2018 at 8:58 AM by Colin Heyne

Storm Prep - Canopy Inspection

Department of Transportation would like to remind residents that now is the time to personally examine the current condition of all trees on their property and when appropriate, hire a certified tree care professional to perform a more extensive evaluation and recommend any required services. These conditions could include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Identify and remove any dead or dying trees that present a risk of limb or whole tree failure. 
  • Perform a root inspection to identify any potential root or stem issues. These include the presence dead/decaying wood tissues, mushrooms at or near the base of the tree, weeping or oozing of sap from the trunk, cracks in the stem and new or recent increases in soil lifting or cracking adjacent to the tree which could indicate movement. 
  • Identify any trees which have significant lean, decay or cavities. While it is normal for trees to develop decay and cavities at the site of old pruning cuts or previous injuries, the tree should be forming new wood around these injuries to close the wound. 
  • Identify and have pruned or removed any branches which will be at risk of striking or damaging adjacent infrastructure such as homes, vehicles, pedestrians, power lines, streetlights, etc. 
  • Identify and have pruned or removed any dead, dying, crossing, tightly spaced, cracked or heavy branches which are at risk of falling. 

The San Jose Municipal Code Section 13.28 places the responsibility for street tree maintenance on the adjacent property owner. Effective July 1, 2008, the City of San José is no longer able to provide emergency tree services and corrective tree maintenance for street trees at no cost to the property owner. If immediate tree/limb removal or pruning must occur in order to ensure safety in the public right-of-way and the property owner is not available, the City will take the necessary corrective actions and invoice the property owner for the cost of services.