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Nov 05

Tree Installation - Mulching

Posted on November 5, 2018 at 9:16 AM by Colin Heyne

Tree Installation - Mulching

If your tree is larger than a seedling, the most important thing to do – second to watering – is to put 
wood chip mulch around the base. Wood chip mulch helps insulate the soil and keeps soil temperature in a more ideal range, allowing for improved root development and reducing the demand for supplemental watering. 

when four inches or more of wood chip mulch is spread around the root zone of the tree, it acts as a natural weed deterrent that decreases weeds and grass growing near the root zone and competing with the tree for water and nutrients. 

Lastly, spreading wood chip mulch around the root zone of the tree ke
eps lawn equipment at a safe distance, thereby avoiding accidental cuts and bumps that can damage or kill your tree. For more information on mulching and its benefits visit the Morton Arboretum site.