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Nov 16

Heritage Tree Profile - Overfelt Ranch

Posted on November 16, 2018 at 8:37 AM by Colin Heyne

Overfelt Pepper Tree

This month we have a Heritage Tree Profile that definitely has earned its place as one of the City’s 
trees of special significance within the urban canopy of San José. This enormous Schinus molle, or Peruvian Pepper Tree is a has a DBH (Diameter at Breast Height, 4 ft and 6 inches) of 104 inches and stands 40 feet tall. In 1849 Thomas Pyle purchased nearly 500 acres of land for ranching and focused on stock raising. It was his daughter, Mary Pyle, who married William C. Overfelt in 1854. The couple came to own 100 acres of that family land through inheritance and purchasing additional acreage from Mary’s brother Edward Pyle.

William C. Overfelt, with Joseph McKee, were known as two of the men who secured the first free public school in the county. This large remnant of the Overfelt Ranch stands within the parking lot of Region Medical Center at 227 N. Jackson Avenue (near the corner of Jackson Ave and McKee Rd). This species is known for its gnarly growths, that increase as it ages. For more information about Peruvian Pepper Tree check out the 
Cal Poly SelecTree website.

Overfelt Ranch tree map