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Aug 13

Gates Prevent Chronic Illegal Dumping

Posted to Blog - Clean Creeks Healthy Communities on August 13, 2014 at 5:58 PM by Janet Hayes

Gates Prevent Chronic Illegal Dumping

 Illegal dumping off Galveston Avenue.
Industrial, commercial, and residential waste dumped behind Coyote Creek off Galveston Avenue.
One of the goals of the Clean Creeks, Healthy Communities project is to deter illegal dumping. A new gate was installed on Galveston Avenue on March 28 to keep unauthorized vehicles off the service road to Coyote Creek.

Galveston Avenue has been the site of chronic illegal dumping, mostly from outside people who have little regard for the adjacent communities. Prior to installing this gate, CCHC had installed a gate not too far away on Tully Road, where chronic illegal dumping occurred near the entrance to the Coyote Creek Trail.

 New gate near the entrance of Coyote Creek Trail.
No dumping has been reported since the gate was installed.
Since the installation of these gates, there have not been any dumping cases in the area. This is a huge accomplishment, but our work is not done! We must remain vigilant and continue to monitor those places in our neighborhoods where illegal dumping has been a problem. Keep up the good work!

Report illegal dumping to the Department of Transportation by calling (408) 794-1900 or by contacting Clean Creeks, Healthy Communities at (408) 771-7069 or by email (with pictures please) to Keeping our neighborhoods blight-free and safe is a team effort and we are all in it together!