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Posted on: May 10, 2018

CIP Monthly Status Report – March 2018

Group Digging into Dirt for Cogeneration Ground Breaking
In March, 19 CIP projects progressed through various stages. Two projects moved through stage gate approval: the Switchgear M4 Replacement and G3 & G3A Removal Project and the Nitrification Clarifiers Rehabilitation Project.
Alternatives analysis continued on the Aeration Tanks Rehabilitation, Facility-wide Water Systems Improvements, Fire Life Safety Upgrades, and HVAC Improvements projects. The City advertised a Request for Qualifications for design-build services for the Digested Sludge Dewatering Facility Project.

Construction continued on six projects. The Digester and Thickener Facilities Upgrade Project contractor completed installation and testing of the temporary pumping bypass system and the foundation for the new sludge screening system. The Headworks Critical Improvements Project contractor completed functional testing and distributed control system programming for the newly installed bar screens. Construction continued on the Iron Salt Feed Station Project, Plant Instrument Air System Upgrade Project, and Construction-Enabling Improvements project. Early site work progressed on the Cogeneration Facility and a formal groundbreaking ceremony was held at the RWF.

Two other projects are currently in post construction: the Digester Gas Compressor Upgrade Project and the Emergency Diesel Generators Project.

CIP Monthly Status Report – March 2018
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