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What Techniques are used in IPM?
o Biological: using predators to suppress pests, such as lady bugs. When lady bugs are released, they will not harm the landscape, but will eat the other pests/insects that do.

o Mechanical: using traps, tools, or hand removal, such as weed pulling.

o Cultural: adjusting planting location or timing; or other planting techniques which can expose pests to predators, destroy their food supply, shelter or breeding habitats.

PRNS - Inside PRNS - Integrated Pest Management

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1. What is Integrated Pest Management?
2. What Techniques are used in IPM?
3. Why is San José using IPM at public parks?
4. Can IPM methods effectively reduce weeds?
5. What non-pesticide sprays are being used as part of IPM?
6. Are all City Parks using IPM methods to control weeds and pests?
7. Are chemicals currently being used at City Parks?
8. What kinds of pests are common in San José Parks?
9. How are pests, such as gophers, controlled using IPM techniques?
10. Can I use IPM methods to manage pests and weeds at home?
11. Can I help the park system with the IPM pilot project?