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What are common code violations regarding retail businesses?

  • Junk and other debris on private property
  • Illegal dumping of garbage on private property
  • Overgrown weeds and hazardous vegetation
  • Work conducted without Building permits
  • Unsecured / Non-Maintained Vacant Buildings
  • Fences and structures in violation of City codes
  • Illegal auto repairs/dismantling
  • Unsightly buildings in disrepair
  • Illegal dumping of garbage on private property.
  • Inoperable, disassembled or abandoned vehicles on private property.
  • Zoning requirement violations for structures and land use requirements, including the use of the structure, location, configuration and size.
  • Illegal signs, including garage sale signs placed on public property
  • Parking violations on unimproved surfaces. Unimproved surfaces can include but are not limited to: lawn dirt, gravel and plywood.
  • Illegal and disruptive businesses in residential neighborhoods
  • Graffiti on private property.
  • Substandard housing conditions

Issues that are NOT code violations

  • Civil disputes between private parties
  • Evictions
  • Personal grievances
  • Vehicles or RVs abandoned or illegally parked on the street

Code Enforcement - Retail Businesses

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1. What are common code violations regarding retail businesses?
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