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Public Art: Another World (Happy Hollow Park and Zoo)*


Another World ~ Fact Sheet


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Another World
Artist: Tom Otterness

The Public Art Program collaborated with Happy Hollow to select internationally recognized artist Tom Otterness to create an artwork for the new entry plaza. The artwork consists of 17 bronze pieces each reflecting an element of the Park or the Zoo. As the artist has said:
For me the sculptures at HHPZ serve to launch an experience, not to mimic anything inside HHPZ; it’s a fairy tale—animals drive cars and money is food.

Some characteristic motifs seen in other Otterness works are found in Another World—including manipulation of human and animal scale, depictions of coins and bills, use of clothing—to add humorous and thought-provoking aspects to the artwork. These unifying motifs allow the viewer to explore a central theme of this artwork: what is the relationship between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom? 

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