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Animal Care Center

  1. Animal Adoption Success Stories

    Stories about pets that have been adopted from the Animal Care Center


  1. City of San Jose Application Worksheet for Single Family Project

    Single Family Detached Development Application for Five (5) or More Recorded Lots

City Clerk's Office

  1. Public Records Request Form
  2. Youth Commission Application

    Application for San Jose Youth Commission. Potential commissioners must reside in the District for which they are applying to... More…

  1. Unpaid Student Intern Application

    Application for an unpaid Student Internship with the City Clerk's Office.

CMO Communications

  1. Web Requests

    Use this form to submit a work order request to the City Manager's Communications Division.

Code Enforcement

  1. Code Service Requests

    Code Enforcement complaint form

Customer Service

  1. Feedback and Questions for the City of San José

    Please submit your feedback and questions for the City of San José.

District 4

  1. Contact District 4

    Hey! If you'd like us to address a problem or concern, please fill out this form with as much information as you can provide. We... More…

District 5

  1. Event Publication Request Form

    Please use this form to make a request to place your event information on our main District 5 calendar.

  1. School Trip to City Hall Request Form

    San Jose City Hall is an integral part of San Jose. Please fill out this request form to schedule a fieldtrip. This form will initiate... More…

Economic Development

  1. Feedback on your experience with the City and the Your Business Coaching Center website

    Brief survey on your experience with the City and Your Business Coaching Center website

Emergency Services

  1. Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) Training

    Sign up to become more involved in preparedness, recovery, and response. Please take a look at our San Jose Prepared! CERT course... More…


  1. Annual Site Inspection Report

    South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) requires a certified Site Supervisor to submit a Site Inspection Report annually.

  2. Creeks Come to Class Presentation Request Form
  3. It's Wet, It's Wild, It's Water Curriculum Order Form
  4. Residential Recycling Guide & What to Recycle Reference Sheet
  5. Silicon Valley Energy Watch Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Energy Saving Toolkit Survey

    Use this survey to answer questions related to your experience checking out a Silicon Valley Energy Watch's DIY energy efficiency... More…

  6. Zero Waste Event Application

    Event Organizers apply for the City’s Zero Waste Event Program diversion services with this application.

  1. Contact Environmental Services

    Use this form to email Environmental Services with questions or comments.

  2. Feedback Form: City of San José Residential Services Lookup

    Use this form to provide feedback on the map-based Residential Services Lookup

  3. Public Litter Can (PLC) Service Request
  4. Silicon Valley Energy Watch Contact Form

    Use this form to email Silicon Valley Energy Watch with questions or comments.

  5. Storm Drain Dumping Complaint Form


  1. Request for Event Information at City Hall

    Request for information pertaining to date availability, pricing and other general inquiries for events at City Hall.


  1. Business Tax Change of Address Request

    Submit a Business Tax Account Change of Address for your business or mailing address

  2. Business Tax Exemption Renewal Form

    Business Tax Exemption Form for renewals of existing Business Tax accounts only

  3. Handbill Objectors List Submission

    handbill objectors list

  1. Business Tax Closure Notification Form

    To inform the City of San Jose of the closure of a business

  2. Business Tax Exemption Request Form

    Business Tax Exemption Request Form

Green Vision

  1. Contact the Green Vision team

    Use this form to email a member of the Green Vision team with questions or comments.


  1. Contact Your Councilmember
  2. Mayor Meeting Request

    To request a meeting with Mayor Liccardo, please fill out the following form.

  3. We Are San José - Volunteer Sign-up Form
  1. Mayor Event Request

    To request an appearance with Mayor Liccardo, please fill out the following form.

  2. Partner with the city

    This is a form that helps the city better process partnership requests from the private sector.

Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services

  1. Food Concessionaires Application
  2. Report a Park Concern
  3. Volunteer Sign-Up
  1. Leisure Class Vendors

    The Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services Department believes that the full engagement of its residents in leisure classes and... More…

  2. Summer in St. James Park 2014 Incentive Stipend


  1. Department of Transportation Maintenance Form

    City of San José Transportation Department Report a Problem Form.

  1. Vision Zero Pledge

    Use this form to email a member of the Vision Zero team with questions or comments.