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  1. Annual Site Inspection Report

    South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) requires a certified Site Supervisor to submit a Site Inspection Report annually.

  2. Creeks Come to Class Presentation Request Form
  3. Fire Flow Information Request

    This service is for obtaining fire flow information required by Planning, Building & Code Enforcement and San Jose Fire Department for... More…

  4. It's Wet, It's Wild, It's Water Curriculum Order Form
  5. Schedule Hydrant Meter Pickup

    Water from public hydrants can be used for construction by using a temporary hydrant meter. To get a temporary hydrant meter, you must... More…

  6. Silicon Valley Energy Watch Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Energy Saving Toolkit Survey

    Use this survey to answer questions related to your experience checking out a Silicon Valley Energy Watch's DIY energy efficiency... More…

  7. What to Recycle Reference Sheet
  1. Contact Environmental Services

    Use this form to email Environmental Services with questions or comments.

  2. Feedback Form: City of San José Residential Services Lookup

    Use this form to provide feedback on the map-based Residential Services Lookup

  3. Help Us Catch Illegal Dumpers
  4. Public Litter Can (PLC) Service Request
  5. Silicon Valley Energy Watch Contact Form

    Use this form to email Silicon Valley Energy Watch with questions or comments.

  6. Storm Drain Dumping Complaint Form
  7. Zero Waste Event Application

    Event Organizers apply for the City’s Zero Waste Event Program diversion services with this application.