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Zero Waste Event Application


  1. 1. Application Explanation
  2. 2. Section 1: Event Info
  3. 3. Section 2: Free Event Equipment and Staffing
  4. 4. Section 3: Dumpsters
  5. 5. Section 4: Event Map & Submission
  • Application Explanation

    1. The City’s Zero Waste Event Program offers resources to large outdoor special events in San José to help them meet and exceed state and local recycling requirements. These resources vary and may be free depending on the event size, the event location, and available funds. Qualifying events that follow the City requirements receive free services (complete the entire Application). Non-qualifying events and events that do not follow the requirements need to pay for services or seek donated service (complete sections 1 and 3 of this Application). To find out if your event qualifies, read through the following:

    2. Events on private property (such as a church or business park) must order dumpster service from Republic Services, which is not requested through this Application.

    3. Events on a public street, publicly owned plaza, paseo, or park with less than 500 daily attendees that are open to the public have the following dumpster options: (1) Pay for dumpsters through the City’s contractor, Green Team of San Jose. You will be billed by the City of San José after the event. If choosing this option, complete section 1 and 3 of this Application 45 calendar days prior to the event. (2) Seek donated dumpster service from one of the San José residential haulers (Garden City Sanitation, California Waste Solutions, Green Team of San Jose, or GreenWaste Recovery) or from the City’s commercial hauler, Republic Services. If choosing this option, there is no need to complete this Application.

    4. Events held in San José on a public street, publicly owned plaza, paseo, or park that are open to the public, and expect more than 500 attendees are eligible to receive FREE City-contracted dumpsters, FREE rental of recycling equipment, and FREE recycling services from the San Jose Conservation Corps. To receive any of these FREE in-kind services, events must implement the following requirements:

    5. Order dumpsters via this Application (or receive donated dumpster service from an approved hauler – see Section 3).

    6. Use City loaned Eco-stations. These are specially designed receptacles for recycling, compost & trash collection (see Section 2).

    7. Complete and submit this Application at least 45 calendar days prior to the event. For assistance completing the Application, contact the Zero Waste Event Program at (408) 975-2532 or email at