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City Clerk's Office - Lobbyist Information

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1. When is a person engaged in lobbying activity?
2. Who is a lobbyist?
3. Are nonprofit organizations that have federal tax exempt status subject to the City’s Lobbying Ordinance?
4. Who are City Officials?
5. What are the obligations of City Officials under the City’s Lobbying Ordinance?
6. If I did not have any lobbying activity for the week, do I have still have to file a weekly report?
7. Should time to conduct the research, prepare the study, to be used in a contact with a City Official be counted as “lobbying activity?”
8. Is the time spent processing an application included as time spent engaged in “lobbying activity?”
9. If a Lobbyist is hosting a 2 hour picnic for Members of the City Council and there is no specific discussion regarding an official action by the City but the Lobbyist engages in a 15 (continue below).
10. If a lobbyist has three (3) Lobbying Activity contacts with a City Official in one day on the same subject matter, is it reported as three (3) contacts or one (1) contact?
11. When is a person not engaged in lobbying activity?
12. How do I register?
13. Are there additional forms that must be filed along with the Lobbyist Reporting Form?
14. When a lobbyist is both a contract lobbyist and an inhouse lobbyist for themselves, how should the lobbyist register and what fees do they pay?
15. A Contract Lobbyist added a new client in November 2016. He is required to file a quarterly report for Q4 2016 (due January 15, 2017), and the annual registration report (continue below).
16. A Contract Lobbyist has done lobbying for a current client, but has not received compensation in that quarter. What are the disclosure requirements?
17. A Councilmember has solicited lobbyists for donations from their clients, and those lobbyists in turn, solicited their clients for donations, but no donations actually resulted. (continue below).
18. A Contract Lobbyist renews his registration on January 15 anticipating that he will have clients but engages in no lobbying activity in the first quarter and decides to submit a (continue below).
19. Can an In-House Lobbyist start with a new 10 hour threshold if it files a Notice of Termination?
20. What are the disclosure obligations regarding contingent compensation arrangements?
21. What are examples of Contingent Compensation under Section 12.12.300?
22. Are lobbyists allowed to accept commissions under the City of San Jose’s Lobbying Ordinance?
23. Where can I obtain the necessary forms?
24. Are there any fees and penalties?
25. How is the City’s Lobbying Ordinance enforced?