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What does the City spend its money on?
The General Fund accounts for approximately 32% of the City’s budget with 68% associated with the City’s special and capital funds. You can read more about the breakdowns in the Summary of General Fund Uses section of the 2015-2016 Proposed Operating Budget, and below.

In the General Fund, the budget is broken down as follows in the 2015-2016 Proposed Budget:
Public Safety: 49%
(Police and Fire)

Community Services: 13%
(Library, Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services, and Planning, Building and Code Enforcement)

Capital Maintenance: 7%
(Public Works and Transportation)

General Government: 8%
(Information Technology, Finance, Human Resources, City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk, City Auditor, Economic Development, and Mayor and City Council)

Non-Departmental Expenses: 23%
(reserves, city-wide expenses that support multiple departments, capital expenditures, transfers to other funds, debt service)

For the City’s special and capital funds, the largest expenditures are associated with the operation and capital improvements for the Mineta San José International Airport, the water pollution control plant and sanitary sewer system, the storm sewer system, the municipal water system, and the convention and cultural facilities, as well as the delivery of housing services, and capital investments to maintain the City’s roads, parks, community centers, libraries, and fire stations.

City Manager's Budget Office

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