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Planning Ahead - Housing Investment Plan
Implementing Housing Programs & Policies
The Housing Investment Plan (HIP) is a strategic document that prioritizes how the City will use its resources to implement its programs and policies in the current planning period to meet its housing objectives.  The HIP is typically developed over several months through extensive consultation with industry experts and is approved by the City Council with input from the public.

The HIP complements two other major planning documents - the Consolidated Plan, which governs the use of federal funding, and the Housing Element, which is a state-mandated blueprint for how the City will plan to accommodate both market-rate and affordable housing demand.

The HIP (attachment A) also contains information on key city policies.

Five-Year Housing Investment Plan 2007-2012
The 2007-2012 HIP is the Department’s current investment plan:

Information on the City's performance under its various programs can be found in the Housing Production section of this site.

For questions, comments, or prior versions of this report, please contact the Policy Team at (408) 975-4442 or by email.