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2017 Council Reports
Housing Department Reports
The following links below contain reports relating to affordable housing issues in San José from City Council (CC) meetings and Council Committee meetings, including: Rules (Rules); Community & Economic Development (CED); Neighborhood Services & Education (NSE); Public Safety, Finance & Strategic Support (PSFSS); and Transportation and Environment (T&E). For access to Council reports prior to the memos in the archive below, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (408) 535-1260.

If you have questions on a Council memo listed below, click on the specific memo of interest and the contact information can be found in the memorandum on the signature page.

Date  Source Subject
 12/19/17 CC Actions Related to the Leigh Avenue Senior Apartments - Resolution
12/19/17  CC
 12/14/17 NSE Responsible Landlord Engagement Initiative Performance Report -- Presentation
12/12/17  CC
 12/5/17 CC Actions Related to the Ground Leasing of Real Property Located at 278 N. Second Street with Affirmed/ Path Ventures for the Villas on the Park Affordable Apartments -- Resolution
 11/28/17 CC Declaration of Continued Shelter Crisis, Designation of Facilities, and Agreement with HomeFirst for Overnight Warming Location Activation -- Resolution -- Agreement
11/27/17  CED
11/14/17  CC
11/14/17  CC
11/14/17  CC
11/09/17  NSE Federal Funding Update - Presentation
 10/31/17 CC Amendment to the Lease with Allied Housing Inc. for the Plaza Hotel - Agreement
 10/24/17 CC Potential Modifications to the Affordable Housing Impact Fee and Inclusionary Housing Programs - Resolution - Part (b)
10/24/17  CC  Extension of the Interim Apartment Rent Ordinance - Ordinance
10/23/17 CED Workload Assessment on Prioritization for Tenants of Affordable Housing - Attachment A - Supplemental Memorandum
10/20/17  CC STUDY SESSION - Background on Homelessness - Presentation
10/18/17  Rules Update to the Community and Economic Development Committee Workplan for August-December 2017
 10/17/17  CC Actions Related to the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Agreement for St. James Station - Resolution
10/3/17  CC Amendment to Lease Riders Ground-Leases for the Japantown Seniors, Donner Lofts and Ford Road Family Affordable Housing Projects
10/3/17  CC
9/26/17  CC Public Hearing on the FY 2016-2017 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) - Supplemental Memorandum
9/14/17  NSE FY 2016-2017 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) - Presentation
9/12/17  CC Actions Related to the Agreement for the Transfer of Expenditure of All Housing Authority Litigation Award Funds - Supplemental Memorandum
9/6/17  Rules AB 915 (Ting): Planning and Zoning: Density Bonus: Affordable Housing Ordinances: City and County of San Francisco 
8/29/17  CC
 8/29/17 CC 2017 Smarter Cities Challenge Grant from International Business Machines for Housing Department Initiatives
 8/29/17 CC Amendment to the Agreement with People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) for the Homeless Outreach Program
8/29/17  CC Actions Related to the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Grant Agreement
 8/29/17 CC
8/16/17  Rules SB 35 - Planning and Zoning: Affordable Housing: Streamlined Approval Process
8/10/17  NSE Annual Homeless Report -- Supplemental Memo -- Presentation
 8/9/17 Rules AB 1505 (Bloom, Chiu and Gloria) - Land Use: Zoning Regulations SB 277 (Bradford) - Land Use: Zoning Regulations
 8/8/17 CC
8/8/17  CC Actions Related to the Award of Contracts for the Rapid Rehousing Program 
8/8/17  CC Amendment to the Agreement with County of Santa Clara for Support Case Management, Transportation, and Data Services for Chronically Homeless Individuals
 8/8/17 CC County of Santa Clara Measure A 
 8/8/17 CC Approval of a Predevelopment Loan for the Quetzal Gardens Apartments Located at 1695 Alum Rock Avenue
(Deferred from 6/27)
(Deferred from 6/27)
 6/27/17 CC AB 71 (Chiu) Bring California Home Act: State Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
 6/27/17 CC Amendment to the Agreements for Place-Based Rapid Rehousing and Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program
6/27/17  CC Lease Amendment to the Affordability Restrictions for the Vermont Housing and Plaza Hotel  - Plaza Hotel Agreement -- Vermont House Agreement
 6/26/17 CED Update on Homelessness Response Initiatives - Attachment A
 6/21/17 Rules AB 71 (Chiu) - Bring California Home Act: State Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
 6/20/17 CC Staff Update on the Housing Department's Grantee Selection and Performance Review Process
6/20/17 CC Actions Related to the FY 2017-2018 Annual Action Plan - Supplemental Memorandum
6/20/17   CC Actions Related to the Affordable Housing Funding Agreement for Leigh Avenue Apartments
6/20/17 CC Actions Related to Acceptance of Partnership Funds the Santa Clara Water District Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program
 6/13/17 CC Actions Related to the Agreement with Eden Housing, Inc. for Affordable Housing Development  of the Property at Gallup and Mesa Drives
 6/13/17 CC Actions Related to Satellite Affordable Housing Associates for Future Development of 226 Balbach Avenue
 6/8/17 NSE Housing Grantee Selection and Performance Review Process - Presentation
 6/8/17 NSE Update on Homelessness Response Initiative - Presentation
6/6/17  CC
 5/22/17 CED Affordable Housing Investment Plan -- Attachment A -- Attachment B 
 5/17/17 Rules AB 646 (Kalra) RentalProperty: Disclosures: Flood Hazard Areas: Areas of Potential Flooding
 5/16/17 CC
 5/9/17 CC Extension of the Interim Amendment to the Apartment Rent Ordinance and Removal of Exemption for Apartments with Government Rent Subsidies -- Letters from the Public
5/9/17  CC
 5/9/17 CC 2016 Application on the State of California for Grant Funding from the Housing Related Parks Program
(Deferred from 4/18)
 CC Approval of the Issuance of Tax-Exempt and Taxable Multifamily Housing Revenue Notes and Tax-Exempt Bonds, the Loan of Note and Bond Proceeds and Related Documents for the Villa De Guadalupe Apartments
 4/25/17 CC Report on the Draft Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing
4/18/17  CC
 4/18/17 CC
4/13/17  NSE
 4/11/17 CC Change in Population for Sobrato House at 496 South Third Street
4/11/17  CC Grant Agreement with the Health Trust as Fiscal Agent for Destination: Home for Homelessness Prevention and Employment Initiatives
4/4/17  CC Amendment to the Agreement with San Jose Streets Team for Place-Based Rapid Re-Housing Services -- Agreement
3/28/17  CC  Acceptance of the Annual Progress Report on the Implementation of the San Jose General Plan Housing Element
3/28/17 CC Authority for the Director of Housing to Negotiate and Execute Amendments of the City Ground Lease and Loan Documents for Donner Lofts Apartments 
3/21/17  CC Support for the 2018 Moving to Work Annual Plan
3/14/17  CC Declaration of a Shelter Crisis for Victims of the 2017 Floods
1/31/17 CC 2016 Application to the State of California for Grant Funding from the Housing Related Parks Program 
1/31/17  CC Approval of Loan Commitments, a Land Purchase and Ground Lease for Development of the Villas on the Park Affordable Apartments in Downtown San José
1/31/17  CC Substantial Amendment of the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Annual Action Plan
 1/31/17 CC
1/10/17 CC Conforming Rezoning and Conditional Use Permit for the Real Property Located at 2188 The Alameda
1/10/17 CC
1/4/17  Rules SB 2 (Atkins) - Building Homes and Jobs Act
1/4/17  Rules SB 3 (Beall) - Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018

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