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2018 Council Reports
Housing Department Reports
The following links below contain reports relating to affordable housing issues in San José from City Council (CC) meetings and Council Committee meetings, including: Rules (Rules); Community & Economic Development (CED); Neighborhood Services & Education (NSE); Public Safety, Finance & Strategic Support (PSFSS); and Transportation and Environment (T&E). For access to Council reports prior to the memos in the archive below, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (408) 535-1260.

If you have questions on a Council memo listed below, click on the specific memo of interest and the contact information can be found in the memorandum on the signature page.

Date  Source Subject
 12/18/18 CC 
12/18/18  CC Affordable Housing Impact Fee 2017-2018 Annual Report
12/11/18  CC
12/11/18   CC Commercial Linkage Fee
12/11/18  CC Temporary Use of Properties for Homeless Emergency Assistance Program. 
12/11/18 CC Direction on the Creation of a Source of Income Ordinance and Rental Subsidy Program Improvements
12/11/18  CC Actions Related to the Tenant Protection Ordinance: Inclusion of Duplexes, Amendments to Criminal Activity, Domestic Violence, and Noticing Requirements
12/11/18  CC Actions Related to the Housing for Homeless Veterans Housing Rehabilitation Pilot Program
11/27/18  CC Actions Related to the Ground Leasing of 934-949 Locust Street to the County of Santa Clara for Affordable Housing Purposes and Approval of the Proposed Rehabilitation of the Existing Facilities
 11/27/18 CC Declaration of a Continued Shelter Crisis, Designating Facilities for Overnight Warming Center Activation, and Funding Award to HomeFirst Services of Santa Clara County for Overnight Warming Location Activation - (a) Resolution
11/27/18  CC Audit of Homeless Assistance Program and Annual Report on Homeless Programs and New Funding Opportunities
11/27/18 CC AB932 - Authority for City of San José 
11/8/18 NSE Annual Homeless Report and Homeless Emergency Assistance Program
11/6/18  CC Actions Related to the Grant Agreement Funding by Destination: Home SV
10/22/18  CED  Housing and Community Development Commission FY 2017-2018 Annual Accomplishments and FY 2018-2019 Workplan
10/16/18  CC Actions to the Agreement Related to LifeMoves for Safe Parking Pilot Program
Resolution & Agreement
 10/3/18 Rules Update to the August - December 2018 Work Plan for the Community and Economic Development Committee - Add HCDC Worplan
 9/25/18 CC 2017-2018 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report - Supplemental Memorandum
 9/25/18 CC Amendment to the Master Agreement with Tax Credit Asset Management, LLC, for Consulting Services Pertaining to the Maintenance of the City's Multifamily Loan Portfolio - Contract
9/24/18  CED Small Project Inclusionary Housing -- Attachment A 
9/18/18  CC Actions Relating to the Santa Clara Civil Jury Report Entitled "Affordable Housing Crisis: Density is our Destiny" - Supplemental Memorandum - Presentation
 9/18/18 CC Funding Award for Homeless Outreach, Case Management and Prevention Services
9/13/18  NSE FY 2017-2018 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER)
9/13/18  NSE City Council Priority #13: Safe Parking Program - Presentation
9/11/18  CC Response to Santa Clara Civil Jury Report Entitled "Affordable Housing Crisis: Density is our Destiny"
9/11/18  CC Bond Allocation Plan for General Obligation Bond Allocation for Affordable Housing (Measure V)
8/28/18   CC Approval of the Multifamily Underwriting Guidelines 
 8/10/18 CC

Potential General Obligation Bond Ballot Measure: Disaster Preparedness, Public Safety, and Infrastructure Bond

8/7/18   CC Actions Related to the Issuance of Tax-Exempt Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds and the Loan of the Bond Proceeds Thereof for the El Rancho Verde Apartments Project Located at 300 and 303 Checkers Drive
8/7/18  CC  Potential General Obligation Bond Measure
 6/26/18 CC
6/26/18 CC 
6/26/18  CC Award of a Grant from California Department of Social Services to Catholic Charities to Support Families Displaced from the 2017 Coyote Creek Flood
6/19/18  CC Report on Request for Proposal for the Homeless Encampment Clean-Ups -- Agreement
6/19/18  CC
6/19/18  CC State of California Soft Story Hazard Mitigation Program Grant Application and Local Funding Match -- Resolution
 6/14/18 NSE Update on Local Responses, Initiatives, and Programming for Homeless Families -- Presentation
 6/12/18 CC
6/12/18  CC Approval of an Increase to the Existing Amount of HOME Funding for the Construction-Permanent Loan Commitment for the Second Street Studio Apartments Project
6/12/18  CC
6/5/18  CC Public Hearing for the Draft 2018-2019 Annual Action Plan
5/22/18  CC Actions Related to the Transfer of Undeveloped Housing Asset Property (known as Sycamore Terrace) Located at 15520 Almaden Expressway at Coleman Road -- Resolution -- Letters from the Public
5/22/18 CC Amendments to the Apartment Rent Ordinance - Title 17 for Utility Pass Throughs - Ordinance
5/22/18   CC Forgiveness of Healthy Neighborhoods Venture Fund Loan to Center for Training and Careers 
5/21/18  CED Prioritization for Tenants of Affordable Housing
 5/8/18 CC SB 818 - (Beall) Homeowner Bill of Rights Act 2018
 5/8/18 CC Actions Related to the Inclusionary Housing Rental In-Lieu Fee and the Affordable Housing Impact Fee           
4/24/18  CC Amendments to the Tenant Protection Ordinance - Title 17 for Immigration and Criminal Activity
 4/24/18 CC Amendments to the Apartment Rent Ordinance - Title 17 for Utility Pass Throughs to Tenants
4/24/18  CC Amendments to Procedures for Removal of Rent Stabilized Units from the Rental Market (Ellis Act Ordinance) 
4/23/18 CED FY 2017/18 - 2021/22 Affordable Housing Investment Plan -- Presentation
3/27/18 CC  Reaffirming Bond Issuance and Approving Post-Issuance Compliance Policies for Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds -- Resolution
3/27/18  CC AB 2562 (Mullin) - Housing and Community Development Authority (HCD) to Adjust Interest Rates
3/27/18  CC SB 918 (Wiener/Rubio) - Homeless Youth Act of 2018
3/27/18  CC AB 3171 (Ting) - Homeless Persons Services Block Grant and SB 912 (Beall and Skinner) - Housing
 3/27/18 CC November 2018 Ballot Measure: Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond
 3/26/18 CED Small Project Inclusionary Housing - Attachment A - Attachment B
 3/20/18 CC Support for the 2019 Moving to Work Annual Plan
 3/20/18 CC Annual Progress Report on the Implementation of the San José General Plan Housing Element and the Housing Successor Agency Annual Report -- Attachment
 3/13/18 CC Notice of Termination Between Housing Authority of City of San Jose and Santa Clara Housing Authority  - Resolution
 3/13/18 CC General Plan Land Use Overlay Amendments for Mobilehome Parks and Review of Recommendations from The Law Foundation of Silicon Valley Regarding Protection of Mobilehome Park Residents.
 3/13/18 CC Mobilehome Opt-In/Stay-in-Business Analysis of Draft Framework
3/6/18  CC Actions Related to the Grant from the California Department of Social Services to Support Coyote Creek Flood Recovery Efforts -- Resolution
 1/30/18 CC 2018 Guiding Principles, Priorities, and Advocacy Issues
1/9/18 CC Actions Related to the Quetzal Gardens Affordable Housing Community -- Resolution
1/9/18 CC Actions Related to the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Grant for the Quetzal Gardens Project -- Resolution

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