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Asset Management - Compliance & Collections Submissions

The City of San Jose's Housing Asset Management Team ensures that affordable properties with City restrictions and/or loans are compliant with the terms of the financing documents. 

All properties with a recorded Affordability Restriction must adhere to current Income and Rent Limits for each development's sources, and to the current utility schedule when determining tenant income eligibility and setting maximum rents.  In situations where there are multiple affordability restrictions/income or rent limits set by different funding requirement or jurisdiction, the Project must adhere to the strictest requirement so it can meet all of the layering restrictions.  

In addition to ensuring property-related income and rent requirements are met each year, the Asset Management Team also ensures that project reserves are used appropriately, that the City receives accurate annual repayments of its loans, and that changes in existing projects' financial structures and owners are approved per the City's business terms.    

Financial documentation and verification of ongoing eligibility are required on an annual basis pursuant to the regulatory agreement.  (Updated 4/1/2016):  Below are links to the required compliance submissions, and an update on certain revised deadlines in early 2016:

  1. PLEASE READ - 2016 Annual Property Compliance Submissions Notification (rev. March 2016)
  2. City Net Cash Flow Template (rev. Feb. 2014)
  3. 2014 Announcement of City Net Cash Flow Template (issued Feb. 2014)
  4. Annual Compliance Submission Requirements (rev. March 2016)
  5. Fair Housing Compliance Submission Requirements (rev. March 2016)
  6. 2014 Request for Key Financing-Related Documents (issued Mar. 2014)
  7. Key Financing-Related Property Document Submission Directions (rev. Mar. 2016)
  8. Current Utility Schedule for the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara (rev. Oct. 2015, effective 10-01-2015)
  9. Current rent & income limits (rev. 2015)
  10. Rent Roll Version A 2016 - must be submitted electronically as an excel spreadsheet. 
  11. Rent and Utility Matrix (rev. Oct. 2015)

For questions regarding affordability compliance, loan repayments, and transactions on City-restricted developments, please contact:

Leif Regvall - (408) 535-8232
Tascha Mattos(408) 793-5536