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Getting Started
Planning and Team Building Ensures Success
When planning your Go Green Program, follow this basic framework to ensure the best results.

Build a Go Green Team
Build a coalition of interested parties and meet to discuss which Go Green ideas have the most support. Start small if that makes it easier (one to two green ideas), and add additional greening measures over time. Behind any successful Go Green Schools program is a cross-discipline team that ideally includes at least one representative of every sector in the school community, e.g. parents, teachers, custodian, administrators, and where age appropriate, students.

Present Your Ideas
  • Present the Go Green ideas to the principal and ask for his/her support.
  • If the Go Green programs will be organized by the parent group at your school, present your ideas to the PTA/PTO officers and membership. Vote to adopt the program and name a committee chairperson.
  • If Go Green will be run by a team of parents and teachers, present your idea to the school site planning committee to receive official support for further action.

Develop a Detailed Action Plan
The action plan should include a month-by-month timeline of events and activities; who is responsible for each of the tasks associated with completion of the events and activities; and a list of resources needed and who will acquire those resources. Be sure to review our funding section for ideas on how to raise money for your program, if necessary. Set metrics for success so you can evaluate your program later.
Get the Word Out
Promote the new program(s) to staff, parents, teachers, and students to enlist support and to ensure their participation. This could include posters, banners, events, or other activities designed to draw interest and attention to your efforts. If student or staff participation is necessary (as in a recycling or composting program), then promotional efforts also serve to educate students and staff on how to correctly participate in the program.

When all resources are in place, and you have promoted your program, it”s time to launch. Consider a kick-off event or other way to celebrate your progress. Take photos to document your program. You can share them with the City by clicking here.

Measure and Report Success
By measuring results, you can motivate participants and show value added to your sponsors and the community. Before you begin to implement your Go Green program, review the goals your team has set for itself, and regularly collect data (we recommend quarterly). Through quantifying and advertising your measures of success, your Go Green Team will inspire your entire school community.

Want more detailed guidance? The Go Green Initiative is a non-profit organization that has developed a comprehensive program designed to help green school sites. If you prefer a more structured process, they have a specific method you can follow. Visit the Go Green Initiative for more information.