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Green Commuting
Limiting vehicle use helps reduce congestion and improve air quality. Instead of driving students to school, parents can consider coordinating a walking school bus in their neighborhood, or allowing their children to bike to school. Public transportation may also be an option for students and faculty to get to school. The following programs are designed to help you make a greener commute to school:

The Walking School Bus                                     
The Walking School Bus provides information on how to organize a structured walking group in your own community that safely gets students to and from school everyday.
Youth Outreach Program
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is committed to promoting safety and increasing awareness of public transportation through their Youth Outreach Program (YOP). The program offers exciting and unique classroom presentations designed to encourage Santa Clara County students to learn and experience the benefits of public transportation.
Safety Presentations for Biking and Walking to School
When students and faculty ride their bikes to school, they are helping out the environment and their own health too! To help keep our bikers and walkers safe, the City’s Department of Transportation offers safety presentations to San José schools. To request a presentation for your school, call 975-3296.
The STREET SMARTS School Safety Education Program
Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists – explore this site and discover all the programs and resources available for increasing your STREET SMARTS.