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Green Certification
Be Recognized for Your Achievements
There are several certification programs available to schools that can help you promote your Go Green School. Certification lends legitimacy to your actions and helps garner the support needed to maintain your program over time. Here are some certification options which your school may pursue.

Green Business Certification
A San José School can be recognized as a Green Business if it:
  • Demonstrates compliance with all applicable environmental regulations
  • Conserves energy, water, and other resources
  • Implements sound environmental practices that prevent pollution and waste generation
  • Shares environmentally responsible practices with other businesses in the community

For more information about the County of Santa Clara – Green Business Program, contact Lisa Rose at (408) 282-3180.

Green Building Certification
If you want to take certification a step further, you may want to have your school buildings certified as green buildings. Buildings can be certified for their design and construction and/or for how they are operated and maintained. Begin thinking about green building certification for design and construction when you are considering building a new building or buildings. Certification for operation and maintenance practices can be pursued after buildings have been in operation for at least two years.

Certification Resources