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Recycling In Your School
Encourage students and school staff to start recycling everything that cannot be reused. Paper, aluminum, plastic, bottles and cans, can be recycled through a local hauler. Other items such as cell phones, printer cartridges, and electronic waste (E-waste) can also be recycled. E-waste refers to electronic products at the end of their useful life such as computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines. Order free recycling supplies through the San José Go Green Schools Program.

Use the program to engage and educate students. For example, students can “patrol” recycling bins to reduce contamination, make posters and signage, or help educate their fellow students about the benefits of the program and how to participate. Recycling teaches students pride in their own accomplishments and can be the entry point for a world of learning about the environment. Your recycling program can be tied in to state curriculum standards, community service, and service learning programs.

The City of San José Go Green Schools Program pledges to work with your school to help make your recycling program successful and sustainable.

Collection Services
To arrange for collection of bottles, cans, aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper, the school will need to contract with a local hauler. Please contact your school’s district administration to find out who's your school's hauler.

You may also contact the San José Conservation Corps at (408) 283-7171. The Corps will work with South Bay Area schools to pick up recycling at no charge to the schools.

E-Waste Recycling Vendors