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Water Conservation & Recycled Water
Water Conservation
Some of the most important ways to save water include installing low-flow aerators, toilets and urinals, reporting leaks to appropriate personnel, and making your landscape water-use more efficient.

Faucet aerators reduce the water flow and add air which keeps the pressure feeling strong. Vandal-resistant aerators that use only 0.5 gallons per minute are available at no cost to schools in Santa Clara County from the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

When it's time to replace toilets or urinals, choose a WaterSense labeled model – these are certified by independent laboratory testing to be water-efficient and to perform exceptionally well.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District has a full description of how schools can improve their water efficiency, and the US Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program is another great resource.

Recycled Water

Just as paper and aluminum cans are recycled, so is water. South Bay Water Recycling provides a sustainable, high-quality water supply – reducing our dependence on imported water and preserving our drinking water supply for current and future generations. Recycled water can be used at schools to irrigate school fields, landscaping, even edible gardens. It can also be used to supply cooling towers that cool school buildings and for toilet and urinal flushing. Silicon Valley schools have been using recycled water since 1998. To join these schools and find out if recycled water is available at your school, visit the water recycling page or call South Bay Water Recycling at (408) 277-3671.

  • Santa Clara Valley Water District - Information on rebates and programs for schools in Santa Clara County to evaluate and reduce your water use in your school and for your school's landscape
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Information about the WaterSense program and educational materials to communicate the importance of water conservation to kids, especially those in grades three through five.