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Solar Permits & Fees
Solar panelsApplying for a Permit
Applying for a solar permit within the City of San José is easy! The processing time for most single-family solar permits can conveniently be handled over the counter by your installer after filling out a simplified one-page application.

San José is a leader in the promotion and use of solar technologies in the commercial, residential and municipal sectors. Through best practices in permitting and inspections, San José has made installing solar easy for all sectors, which has contributed to the impressive rate of adoption of solar systems in the City.

Plan Review & Fees
Permits, Plan Review and Permit Fees are required. The average permit fee for a single family residential solar system in San José is $310. Building, Plumbing and Electrical permits are required for all solar installations. However, building permits are not required for roof installations that do not exceed any of the following criteria: 
  • Total panel weight (including frame) is greater than 5 lbs. per square foot
  • Maximum concentrated load at each point of support exceeds 40 lbs.
  • Maximum height above roof surface exceeds 18 inches
  • Plumbing Plan Review is required for hot water systems for multi-family, commercial and industrial installations.