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San José's Exclusive Hauler
San José granted Republic Services a 15-year exclusive franchise to collect most standard garbage, recycling, and organics from businesses that went into effect on July of 2012. Pursuant the City's solid waste ordinances and Republic’s agreement for providing solid waste services in the City of San José, Republic has the exclusive right and duty to collect, transport, and dispose of all commercial solid waste in the City of San José.

To set up the collection of standard garbage, recycling, and organics, contact Republic Services at (408) 432-1234.

Maximum Rates
The San José City Council sets the commercial solid waste fees and maximum customer rates. For specifics on rates and services, contact Republic Services at (408) 432-1234.

Minimum Service Levels
To protect public health, businesses are required by San José Municipal Code to have solid waste collected at least once per week.

Construction, Demolition, & Residential Clean-Out Haulers
Businesses and residents may choose their own hauler from the list of non-exclusive haulers below to provide these services. While the City has agreements with each of these companies, it is up to the customer to negotiate pricing and specifics related to the services being requested. Construction and demolition debris is defined as:
  • Recyclable and non-recyclable waste building materials, packaging, and rubble resulting solely from construction, remodeling, and demolition operations on pavements, houses, commercial buildings, and other structures authorized by a permit issued under Chapter 24.02 of the San José Municipal Code, and collected pursuant to a temporary service agreement of no longer than one year; and/or
  • Rock, concrete, asphalt, and dirt.

Residential clean-out material is defined as material resulting from clean-outs at residential premises and collected in a roll-off or front-load container rented for a period of one week or less. For example, a person clearing their backyard or emptying out their garage could contract with a hauler from the list of non-exclusive haulers for residential clean-out material collection services. 

To find hauler services for these special materials, visit the Center for the Development of Recycling.

  • Sold or donated material
  • Self-hauled material
  • Secure document shredding
  • Organic material composted on site
  • Exempt waste, medical, hazardous material
  • Fats, oils, grease and tallow

Proper Disposal of Universal Waste
Universal wastes are hazardous wastes that are generated by a wide variety of people that contain mercury, lead, cadmium, copper and other substances hazardous to human and environmental health. Learn how to properly manage these hazardous wastes and where to take them, from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control.

Hazardous Waste Disposal
For information on hazardous waste disposal, call Santa Clara County's Hazardous Waste Program at (408) 299-7300.

Questions & Concerns
The City of San José wants to ensure these services work for the business community. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Environmental Services at  at (408) 535-8550.

The City franchises hauling activity to protect public health and safety. Please Report Hauling and Collection Code Violations.