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Going Zero Waste with Event Food Service Products
Achieving zero waste requires rethinking what we have traditionally regarded as garbage and treating all materials as valued resources. It also means selecting food and beverage products that can be reused, recycled or composted instead of landfilled. When combined with proper collection and processing, use of the right products can greatly reduce the waste an event sends to the landfill.

Product Do’s and Don’ts
See the Food & Beverage Products: The Do’s & Don’ts of Sustainable Selection guide to find the right products that will work with the City’s processing system. Event Organizers that are requesting free in-kind services through the Zero Waste Events Program are required to follow this guide. 

Selecting the right food and beverage products can be challenging and confusing due to incorrect labeling & misleading advertising (otherwise known as “green washing”). For example, some products claim to be compostable oExample of BPI certified compostable logon the package or within the online shopping description, but they will not break down or compost in the City’s processing facility unless they are “BPI certified compostable." The BPI logo (see right) or certification should be clearly printed on the package or included in the online shopping description. Learn more about the logo and compostable products at the Biodegradable Products Institute
Similarly, jRequired plastic 7 oz cup with number 1 recycling symbol and thumbs up. withust because a plastic cup has a recycle chasing arrow symbol on the bottom, doesn’t mean it is the right choice for the City’s system. The right choice for cold cups over 7 oz is one with a #1 chasing arrow symbol on the bottom (see left).