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Event Dumpster Options
The City of San José Zero Waste Event Program offers dumpsters to large outdoor special events in San José to help them meet and exceed state and local recycling requirements. These resources vary and may be free depending on the event size, the event location, and available funds. To find out if your event qualifies, read through the following:

Private Events
Events on private property do not qualify for free services and must order dumpster service from Republic Services. For information visit the City’s commercial hauler website.

Public Events Smaller than 500 Attendees
Events held in San José on a public street, publicly owned plaza, paseo, or park with less than 500 daily attendees that are open to the public have the following dumpster options:
  • Pay for dumpsters through the City’s contractor, Green Team of San Jose. You will be billed by the City of San José after the event. 
  • Arrange for donated dumpster service from one of the San José residential haulers (Garden City Sanitation, California Waste Solutions, Green Team of San Jose, or GreenWaste Recovery) or from the City’s commercial hauler, Republic Services. If choosing this option, the Event Organizer should contact the hauler directly.

Public Events Larger than 500 Attendees
Events held in San José on a public street, publicly owned plaza, paseo, or park that are open to the public and expect more than 500 attendees and agree to implement the requirements are eligible to receive free City-contracted dumpsters for collection and processing of recycling, compost and combined trash and compost.

City-contracted Dumpsters
Dumpsters ordered through the City’s contractor are delivered to the event site on the Friday prior to the event and picked up the following Monday. For events that are paying for dumpster service through the City’s contractor, the following cost estimate table can be used for budgeting purposes. Please note, estimates in red are subject to additional processing fees (fee is per ton generated) and the maximum tonnage for any dumpster is 10 tons. For example, a 20 CY trash dumpster filled with 5 tons of trash is estimated to cost $516.76 ($156.76 + 5 tons @ $72/ton = $516.76). 
 Dumpsters (size in cubic yards) 2 CY   4 CY 20 CY  30 CY   40 CY
 Trash Only $140 $150 $160 + $72/ton $160 + $72/ton $160 + $72/ton
 Compost Only $140 $150 $160 + $72/ton $160 + $72/ton $160 + $72/ton
 Trash/Compost Combined $140 $150 $160 + $72/ton $160 + $72/ton $160 + $72/ton
 Recycle $120 $120 $160 $170 $180
 Cardboard $120 $120 $160 $170  $180
 Lumber/Pallets $120 $120 $160 + $72/ton $170 + $72/ton  $180 + $72/ton

How to Choose & Order the Right Dumpster
When ordering or requesting free dumpsters through the City’s contractor, take the following steps:
  • Step 1: Determine what kind of waste your event will generate. Will you have only trash and recyclables (plastic bottles, cans, etc.)? Will you have food waste at your event? Will you have cardboard?
  • Step 2: Determine your waste generation volume. How much waste do you expect to generate at your event? How much did your event generate in previous years?  
  • Step 3: Order dumpsters or request free dumpsters by completing the Zero Waste Event Application 45 days prior to the event date.