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GreenTeam of San Jose provides recycling and garbage collection service to all apartment and condominium complexes in San José. Your monthly service fee is based on:
  • The frequency of collection.
  • The number and sizes of all the garbage dumpsters in use at your complex.
  • The distances and numbers of containers (garbage or recycling) that need to be pushed by the driver into an accessible position for collection.

Garbage rates include once-a-week collection of recycling bins or carts. The more your residents recycle, the more you can control garbage service fees. Recycling is easy and helps save resources. All recyclables go together into the same recycling bin.

For Tenants
  • Contact GreenTeam to schedule free junk pickup appointments for items such as sofas, mattresses, televisions, and computers
  • Contact your property manager about the following:
    • Illegal dumping on premises
    • Missed collection
    • Overflowing dumpsters, bins, and carts
    • Broken dumpsters, bins, and carts
    • Graffiti

 Green Team of San Jose GreenTeam of San Jose
(408) 282-4400

Service Inquiries
Call GreenTeam to report missed collection, schedule large item collection appointments, arrange free on-street yard trimmings collection or request dumpster, bin, or cart repair.

Service Assessments
Call GreenTeam to request a free assessment of your complex's recycling and garbage service needs and potential for cost savings.

Educational Materials
Learn what can be placed in your recycling bin or cart:
Call GreenTeam to request free, multilingual posters and container labels or to order recycling guides (complete booklet or one-page reference sheet) for residents in bulk (available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese).

For multi-family rates, please see: