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Fixing Water Leaks
Detecting Leaks
If your water bill suddenly increases, but you haven't changed the way you use water, chances are you have a leak within your property. Leaks can waste several or even hundreds of gallons a day, so it's good preventive maintenance to check for leaks within your property once or twice a year. If you would like to use your water meter to help you detect leaks, please visit our Reading Your Water Meter page.

Water shut off valveTurning Off Your Water
If you need to turn off your water for repairs or because of a leak, turn it off at the shut off near your house. Do not turn it off at the meter. If your house does not have a shut off, call your water retailer so that a water technician can be sent to turn off the water for you. To look up your water retailer, please visit our water retailer look up tool.

Water Wise Programs?
DIY Water Wise Indoor Survey Kit
?Santa Clara County residents can request a do-it-yourself kit to evaluate indoor water use, including dye tablets to test toilets for leaks. To request a kit, call the Santa Clara Valley Water District's water conservation hotline at (408) 630-2554 or fill out the Water Wise Survey Request Form.

Water Wise Outdoor Survey
The Santa Clara Valley Water District is offering a free outdoor irrigation survey to single-family homes and small multi-family sites in Santa Clara County. To schedule an inspection, call their water conservation hotline at (408) 630-2554 or fill out the Water Wise Survey Request Form.

For Customers of San Jose Water Company

Learn more about the Water Audit Program or call: (408) 279-7900

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