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Service Installations
Three sewer linesNew Water Service Connections
Connections to the Municipal Water System are governed by Section 15.08 of the San José Municipal Code. Persons interested in a new water service from the San Jose Municipal Water System may contact Municipal Water System Engineering at (408) 277-3671 for information on installing a new service.

The applicant must submit site location drawings and a description of the service requested, from which fees for service and service design may be developed. The applicant is responsible for construction cost, engineering, and inspection costs, as well as all applicable fees.

Staff will prepare a cost estimate based on the information provided by the applicant, and the applicable Municipal Codes. The applicant will provide a deposit sufficient to cover the estimated cost to San Jose Municipal Water System. Once the deposit is received, design and construction of the new service can begin. If the actual cost of the service is below the estimated cost, the Municipal Water System will refund the difference. If the cost exceeds the estimate, a supplemental bill will be issued to applicant for the difference.

For more information, contact Municipal Water System Engineering at (408) 277-3671. If there is already a service connection and meter at your location and you only need to set up an account, you can contact Customer Service at (408) 535-3500.

Water Service Application for New Construction
For projects which require construction of a new service or new services, applicants must submit a completed Water Service Application during the project design phase. Completed forms can be emailed to the Municipal Water System Engineer assigned to the project. If an Engineer has not yet been assigned to the specific project, forms can be emailed to .