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Water service employee tests waterWater Surface Disinfection
Disinfection of surface water is necessary to destroy disease-causing organisms for the protection of public health. There are several different types of disinfection methods used to treat drinking water. Chloramine is the disinfectant used in the Municipal Water System’s Evergreen, North San José, and Alviso service areas.

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia that is considered a better disinfectant than chlorine alone. Many Bay Area communities are successfully using chloramines as a disinfectant. Chloraminated water is safe for people and animals to drink, cook with, bathe in, and for all other general uses. However, as with chlorine, sensitive users such as kidney dialysis patients, industrial/biotechnology businesses, fish, amphibian, and reptile owners must take precautions prior to using the water. Chloramine must be neutralized or removed for some of these purposes. Sensitive users can find out more information from the special resources provided below.

Special Resources
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission website contains additional information about chloramines, including many FAQs, facts, and feature items.

Fish, amphibian, and reptile owners, please visit the following websites:

Dialysis Patients, please contact your dialysis provider.

Industrial users and biotechnology firms, please contact your equipment supplier or current water treatment professionals.