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Serving the cities of Milpitas, Santa Clara, and San José since 1997.
Water Recycling System
South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) has been serving Silicon Valley communities since 1997. Our recycled water system consists of over 130 miles of pipeline, five pump stations, and 10 million gallons of storage in reservoirs.

Recycled water is used to irrigate food crops, parks, schools, golf courses, street medians, and business park landscaping. It is also used for cooling buildings, industrial processes, and paper manufacturing. Current customers include The Villages Golf and Country Club in San José, the McCarthy Ranch shopping center in Milpitas, and four major power plants in the County. In 2015, South Bay Water Recycling delivered an average of 12.2 million gallons a day to more than 750 customers for non-drinking (nonpotable) uses. The City of San José plans to double that amount over the next decade.

San José saves an average of 2.7 billion gallons of drinking water each year when customers use recycled water. 

View the Recycled Water System Map. Read about the future of recycled water in the area in the 2014 Strategic Master Plan and Appendices.