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Benefits of Recycled Water
Photo of a golf course and pond. Water Conservation - Not Just for Droughts
Although South Bay residents are used to conserving water during times of drought, many people still believe that water will always be plentiful. In reality, increased populations, greater statewide demand, and a stronger emphasis on environmental protection in California means that our future water supplies will be limited.

By the year 2020, the Santa Clara Valley Water District predicts that without additional water supplies, the South Bay could have severe water shortages during a drought. In an average year, fifty percent of Santa Clara Valley’s water is imported from the Sierra Nevada Mountain range via the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta. This imported water supply is not available during all years for our local residents and businesses. This issue threatens the South Bay’s economic and environmental vitality, which depend on having enough water to meet demands.

Recycling to Satisfy Current & Future Demand

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is constantly planning how to conserve the water we have, and forecasting future demands. But conservation may not provide enough. Recycled water is a significant component in the District’s strategy to satisfy the water needs of the South Bay.

Water recycling has numerous benefits including:
  • Conservation of drinking water supplies
  • Less dependency on imported water
  • Preservation of saltwater marshland habitats
  • Development of a new water supply with a locally controlled reliable source
  • Environmentally beneficial – same concept as recycling bottles, cans and paper
  • Provides a drought-proof water supply
  • Allows continued economic vitality for the region