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Greener landscapes with recycled water
The Benefits of Recycled Water

South Bay Water Recycling provides recycled water for non-drinking uses, such as irrigating golf courses, parks, schools, business parks, and agricultural land in San José, Santa Clara and Milpitas. Recycled water is also used for industrial cooling and processing.

This program provides a safe, reliable supply of water, even during our region’s periods of unpredictable rainfall. Our Mediterranean climate experiences drought cycles that have the potential to have a devastating effect on the landscape.

Adequate Water for Plant Life
Unless we use supplemental irrigation, we are limited locally to growing plants that are drought-tolerant or adapted to average winter rainfall of about 14 inches. The greatest demand for water occurs during our summer dry growing season, when need often exceeds the supply. Using recycled water allows us to continue to have adequate water to keep our landscapes healthy and green, without using precious drinking water supplies. South Bay Water Recycling has been delivering recycled water since 1997, and recycled water has been successfully used in California for over 100 years. It is an innovative and effective way to irrigate landscapes and protect valuable natural resources.

South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) is pleased to provide information and assistance to recycled water customers. SBWR can provide assistance in the form of:
  • Landscape evaluations and recommendations
  • Water quality information
  • Training for site supervisors

Environmental Landscapes
Silicon Valley continues to bloom, but over the years there have been a change in the kind of landscapes you see. This is mostly due to the need to conserve our limited water supply, but there are other factors at work, as well: the appeal of more natural landscapes with native plants or plants that are well adapted to our climate, reduced use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, and more effective irrigation systems. The increased availability of recycled water will add even more to the beauty and diversity of local landscapes.

A Better Environment
Water recycling reduces the amount of treated wastewater that is discharged from the San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility into San Francisco Bay. This in turn helps keep the wetlands in balance and limits any harm to the ecological health of the Bay’s fragile wetlands habitat.

The San Francisco Bay wetlands are a delicate mix of fresh water and salt water, providing a home for thousands of plant and animal species.

Your use of recycled water helps to protect endangered creatures such as the California Clapper Rail and Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, while also preserving our natural marshes and conserving fresh drinking water supplies for future generations.