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Native grassesSanta Clara County Plants
Our plant list, which includes trees, shrubs and ground covers, is limited to plants that have been part of official screening trials and/or successfully used in landscapes in our area where recycled water is currently in use. This selection includes many plants widely used in Santa Clara County.

Converting to recycled water use does not necessarily mean making radical changes in your plant palette. If you have plants in your landscape that are not included in this list, it does not mean they are incompatible with recycled water. South Bay Water Recycling encourages its customers to try other plants as well.

There are many parameters that guide landscape decisions. By understanding these interrelated factors – seasonal rainfall, temperature, evapotranspiration rates, soil characteristics, and water quality – you can select from a wide range of plants and develop landscapes that are appropriate to your site. Again, proper management of all facets is the key to successful landscaping.

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