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Litter in Creeks
Ground covered in plastic bottles and wrappersEffects of Litter on Creeks and the Bay
Storm drains in the Santa Clara Valley transport water directly to local creeks and San Francisco Bay without treatment. This means litter and other pollutants washed down storm drains end up in our creeks and rivers. Litter can form large accumulations in urban creeks, like Coyote Creek, which can impact water quality, detract from the beauty of local urban creek areas, hamper recreational use, and potentially hinder flood control protection.

Keeping Trash Out of Creeks
Always throw trash in the proper receptacle and never throw trash in the street, sidewalk or riverbanks. If you see litter in the street in front of your home or business, pick it up and put it in a trash can before the litter is swept into the storm drain system and into the closest creek.