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Pet Waste
The Issue
Pet waste left on sidewalks, streets, yards or other open areas can be washed away by rain or irrigation water into storm drains which lead to creeks, rivers, and the Bay. Pollution from pet waste can harm water quality and habitat, and make waterways unfit for recreation or swimming.
  • Pet waste contains harmful bacteria and parasites, which can cause disease in humans and animals
  • Pet waste contains nutrients that encourage algae growth in waterways
  • The decomposition of pet waste depletes dissolved oxygen in the water, which fish and aquatic organisms require to survive

What You Can Do
  • Carry disposable bags when you walk your pet and pick up and dispose of pet waste in a garbage can.
  • Pick up pet waste daily from your yard and dispose of it in a garbage can or the toilet.
  • Keep pet waste out of compost pile and garden soil.