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Recycling Biosolids
BiosolidsBiosolids are nutrient-rich organic materials produced from treating community sewage at a wastewater treatment facility. A valuable resource, biosolids, can be used as landfill cover, to generate energy, or as fertilizer or soil amendment. Their use and disposal are strictly regulated by federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Biosolids are divided into two classes—A and B. The Facility produces Class A biosolids, which are currently used as landfill cover. As recommended by the Plant Master Plan, the Facility is studying innovative new ways to reuse and recycle this resource, such as:
  • Land application on farmland
  • Commercial fertilizer
  • Gas for energy production
The Facility is pursuing biosolids reuse and disposal options as a partner with the 18-agency Bay Area Biosolids-to-Energy Coalition, which seeks to identify a long-term, regional biosolids solution.