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Capital Improvement Program
Summary of the Regional Wastewater Facility and Capital Improvement Program

Digester and Thickener Facilities Upgrade
Modernizing today for tomorrow’s wastewater challenges
As a vital business and residential center, Silicon Valley requires a modern, state-of-the-art treatment plant to reliably clean its wastewater. The Facility is addressing this need through its Capital Improvement Program (CIP), rebuilding infrastructure worn from nearly six decades of nonstop service, and updating treatment processes with exciting new technologies.

The CIP plans and carries out selected projects recommended by the 2013 Plant Master Plan, which envisions $2 billion in Facility investments over the next 30 years. Key CIP elements include:
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation at all stages of the treatment process for greater efficiency and reliability.
  • New, more efficient biosolids (sludge) dewatering and drying processes to better control odors and reduce the operational footprint.
  • New methods of generating energy to sustainably power Facility operations.

The five- and 10-year CIPs are updated yearly. Projects are “packaged” into groups based on process areas and interdependency. Using escalated costs, the projects scheduled to begin in the next 10 years total approximately $1.4 billion. Cost breakdown per process area is as follows:
  • Energy and Automation – 12%
  • Plant-wide Facilities – 19%
  • Liquids Processing – 41%
  • Solids Processing – 28%

Monthly status reports provide information on projects, budget, and schedule; quarterly CIP status reports are presented to the San José City Council in public meetings. 

View all CIP budgets, including source and use of funds and project details and timelines, and annual independent audit reports. 
For a list of projects being solicited for design and construction, please visit the Purchasing Department page
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