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County Island Annexations
Cambrian No. 36 Status 
City ID    Annexation Name  Location
 9-1  Cambrian No. 36  103 acres, generally bounded by Central Park Way, Union Avenue, and Camden Avenue

The San Jose City Council approved the ordering of the Cambrian No. 36 annexation on December 7, 2010 and directed that the annexation not be registered for a period of time, during which the City was to review and consider options for an alternative reorganization arrangement with the City of Campbell. More recently, on March 27, 2012, the City Council extended until August 31, 2012 the time to work with the City of Campbell on Cambrian No. 36 options.

On October 2, 2012, the Campbell City Council approved the annexation of Cambrian No. 36, with a target effective date of May 1, 2013.  Thus, until further notice, there will be no changes to services such as fire protection, police, and waste collection.  For additional information on the status of Cambrian No. 36, please visit the Annexation page of the City of Campbell website.

Cambrian No. 36 Background Documents

Prezoning Protests
Due to the large size of files, these applications were divided for separate download. Hard copies are available for review at the Planning Division, City Hall, 200 E. Santa Clara Street. 

County Pocket Maps and Status Summary
Citywide Maps
The following maps show the location of County pockets in the City of San José. The labels in red (e.g., “6-6”) correspond to the City ID’s in the table below.

List of Completed Annexations
The table below includes all completed annexations, sorted by City Council district. Select the annexation name to view a map of the pocket and surrounding area. There are also eight pockets larger than 150 acres that are not eligible for the current program.

City ID Annexation Name Zoning File
Location Status
District 1
1-1 Winchester No. 42 C08-019 85 acres west of Winchester Boulevard between Stevens Creek Boulevard and Highway 280 Annexed 11/18/08
1-2 Cypress No. 30 C06-045 Both sides of Maria Way and Antonio Lane and the west side of Essex Way, extending approximately 180 feet north of Valley Forge Way Annexed 11/29/06
District 2
2-1 Monterey Park No. 110 C06-077 East side of Coyote Rd 1700 feet northerly of Silver Creek Valley Road Annexed 4/19/07
Oak Grove No. 70 C06-072 South side of Manila Drive and Curie Drive, West of San Ignacio Avenue Annexed 4/19/07
Riverside No. 51 C06-132 Santa Teresa Boulevard, 1200 feet south of Bayliss Drive Annexed 1/28/08
District 3  
3-1 Penitencia No. 73 C06-032 Approximately 1,400 linear feet of frontage on the southeast side of Mabury Road northeast of King Road Annexed 11/29/06
District 4
4-1 Orchard No. 148 C06-083 North corner of Montague Expressway and Seely Avenue Annexed 4/19/07
4-5 Penitencia No. 74 C06-037 East side of Noble Lane Annexed 4/19/07
4-9 Piedmont No. 51 C06-035 Southwesterly side of Stone Creek Drive, approximately 120 feet southeasterly of Isadora Drive Annexed 11/29/06
4-10 Piedmont No. 52 C06-039 Southwesterly side of Old Piedmont Road, approximately 100 feet northwest of Rowley Drive Annexed 4/19/07
4-11 Penitencia No. 76 C06-105 South side of Sierra Road, 200 feet east of Varner Court Annexed 3/11/08
District 5
5-1 Capitol No. 57
128 acres bounded by Florence Avenue, S. White Road, Story Road, Lower Silver Creek, and S. Capitol Avenue Annexed 11/12/10
5-2 Penitencia No. 77
119 acres bounded by both sides of Golf Drive, west side of Toyon Avenue, both sides of Penitencia Creek Road and both sides of Gridley Street Annexed 11/12/10
5-3 McKee No. 135
64 acres bounded by Gay Avenue, N. Capitol Avenue, Alum Rock Avenue, and 950 feet southwesterly of N. White Road Annexed 11/12/10
5-4 McKee No. 136
30 acres bounded by Patt Avenue, McKee Road, N. White Road, and 150 feet west of Francis Drive Annexed 11/15/10
5-5 McKee No. 132 C06-044 Southwesterly corner of Capitol Avenue and Gimelli Way Annexed 4/19/07
5-6 Story No. 58 C06-106 Both sides of Rosemar Avenue, between Juliet Park Drive and Fleming Avenue and the north side of Fleming Avenue between Rosemar Avenue and Marchant Court Annexed 3/11/08
5-7 Story No. 63 C06-076 Southeast side of Story Lane 870 feet northeaserly of Clayton Road Annexed 4/19/07
5-8 Story No. 61 C06-075 North side of Story Road 780 ft easterly of Machado Lane Annexed 7/22/09
5-9 Story No. 59 C06-042 Southeasterly side of Story Road and Machado Lane Annexed 11/29/06
5-10 Story No. 60 C06-078 Northwest side of Watters Dr 60 ft northerly of Story Road, extending 500 ft behind a very narrow front Annexed 4/19/07
5-11 Capitol No. 55 C06-107 Southwest side of South White Road, 400 feet southeast of East Hills Drive Annexed 3/11/08
5-12 Story No. 62 C06-079 West side of Fleming Avenue 350 feet northerly of Warner Avenue Annexed 4/19/07
5-13 Capitol No. 56 C06-108 Southwest side of South White Road, 600 feet southeast of East Hills Drive Annexed 3/11/08
District 6
6-1 Meridian No. 73 C08-020 147 acres between Hamilton Avenue and Dry Creek Road; west of Meridian Avenue and east of the Campbell boundary Annexed 10/8/08
6-2 Hamilton No. 59 C08-021 131 acres between Meridian Avenue and Leigh Avenue, north of Hamilton Avenue Annexed 10/8/08
6-3 Sunol No. 82 C08-023 56 acres between McEvoy Street and Meridian Avenue, south of Park Avenue Annexed 11/29/09
6-4 Buena Vista No. 2 C08-024 41 acres south of West San Carlos Street and west of Meridian Avenue Annexed 11/18/08
6-5 Burbank No. 41 C08-025 16 acres north of Stevens Creek Boulevard, west of Revey Avenue Annexed 10/8/08
6-6 Sunol No. 75 C06-046 North side of Paula Street south of Interstate 280 east of  Northrup Street and west of  Lincoln Avenue Annexed 11/29/06
6-7 Sunol No. 74 C06-050 Southwest corner of Paula Street and Race Street Annexed 11/29/06
6-8 Sunol No. 76 C06-047 North side of Paula Street east of Race and west of Northrup Street Annexed 11/29/06
District 7
7-1 Franklin No. 55
72.44 acres west of East Capitol Expressway, between Sylvandale Avenue and Singleton Road Annexed 11/23/09
7-2 Franklin No. 54
38.87 acres east of Monterey Road, along both sides of Southside Drive and Garden Avenue Annexed 11/23/09
7-3 Monterey Park No. 108 C06-048 Both sides of Perrymount Avenue, southwesterly of Stone Avenue Annexed 4/19/07
7-4 Monterey Park No. 109 C06-051 Northwesterly corner of Curtner Avenue and Stone Avenue Annexed 7/11/07
7-5 McKinley No. 110 C06-109 Northwest side of Summerside Drive between Warfield Way and Galveston Avenue Annexed 1/28/08
District 8
8-2a Evergreen No. 200 C06-127 Between Pleasant Acres Drive and Ruby Avenue, west of Murillo Avenue Annexed 4/08/08
8-2b Evergreen No. 201 C06-128 Northeast corner of Ruby Avenue and Holderman Drive Annexed 3/12/08
8-4 Hillview No. 73 C06-129 Both sides of Mount Pleasant Road, east of Westview Drive Annexed 1/28/08
8-7 Evergreen No. 197 C06-081 East side of San Felipe Road 450 feet southerly of Larkspur Canyon Drive Annexed 4/19/07
8-8 Evergreen No. 196 C06-052 Westside of Kettmann Road, approximately 75 feet southerly of Dashwood Avenue Annexed 4/19/07
District 9
9-2 Parker No. 27
77.99 acres south of Samaritan Drive and west of Union Avenue Annexed 11/23/09
9-3 Parker No. 25 C06-111 Both sides of Woodard Road between Nova Scotia Avenue and Twilight Drive Annexed 1/28/08
9-4 Cambrian No. 35 C06-053 South side of Curtner Avenue, west of Bascom Avenue Annexed 4/19/07
9-5 Parker No. 26 C06-113 South side of Woodard Road, 300 feet west of Twilight Drive Annexed 1/28/08