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Stormwater Program
Stormwater Program Overview
In San José all stormwater flows down the gutter, into the storm drain, and out to the nearest creek without treatment. Pollutants such as oil, soap, dirt, trash, dirty wash water, grease, and more can pollute the environment and may harm wildlife and water quality.

Per the City’s Stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES), the City is responsible for protecting the storm drains, creeks, and the Bay from polluted discharges originating from industrial and commercial facilities. The Industrial/Commercial Facility stormwater inspection program serves the City of San José, and Title 15 of the San José Municipal Code gives authority to administer a successful program.

Program requirements are enforced through inspections and education. Inspections are designed to educate the business community in pollution prevention practices that protect our creeks and Bay. Inspections are unannounced and occur during business hours. Inspectors will review your business practices and will inspect outdoor areas with you. Upon completion, a written Inspection Report will be provided and, if needed, inspectors will conduct a follow-up inspection to verify that all violations are corrected. Uncorrected or serious violations will result in escalated enforcement, up to and including fines.

Best Practices and Educational Materials
Every business should know that only rain water is allowed down the storm drain. A large variety of educational materials, available in multiple languages, which inspectors use to educate businesses on pollution prevention and stormwater management are available. For additional questions, contact one of our Environmental Inspectors at  or by phone at (408) 945-3000.