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Storm Drain Inlets
There are approximately 30,000 storm drain inlets within the City of San José’s right-of-way, and each one flows to a creek, river, or the Bay. Check the watershed maps to see which watershed you’re located in and the creek your storm drains flow to. The City marks storm drain inlets with a “NO DUMPING” message that includes the name of the waterbody that the inlet drains to and stormwater hotline phone number, (408) 945-3000. Look for them in your neighborhood!

Storm Drains on Private Property
If the storm drain inlets on your private property (not in the right-of-way) are in need of stenciling with “NO DUMPING” messages, the Watershed Protection Division of the Environmental Services Department will provide you with stencils and instructions at no charge. To obtain the stencils, please contact the Watershed Protection Division at (408) 945-3000 and be prepared to provide the following information:
  • Contact Information
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Either the company name for commercial or industrial property or the complex name (multi-family housing)
  • Site information
    • Name of site (e.g., name of shopping center or store, condo complex, industrial company)
    • Address
    • Nearest cross street
    • Number of inlets to be stenciled