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Sidewalk Permits
When making sidewalk repairs, property owners must obtain a sidewalk repair permit prior to starting any work to ensure that the repairs meet the city’s construction standards for sidewalk work.

Sidewalk permits are enclosed or attached to notifications mailed to property owners when the property owner is requested to complete sidewalk repairs.

Property owners will receive an invoice for the cost of the sidewalk permit after the sidewalk repair work has been finalized and accepted by the city. Sidewalk permit fees are as follows:
  • Concrete sidewalk removed and replaced:
    • A property owner has the work completed or authorizes the city to complete the work for them - $100
    • In the event that the work is not completed within the allotted time, an additional $20 non-compliance fee will be applied to the permit cost
  • Concrete sidewalk grinds:
    • The property owner has the work completed - $0
    • The city has the work completed for the property owner - $20

Do not make a payment of permit fees or repair costs until you have received an invoice from the city.