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Special Districts
Landscape Improvements
The City of San José establishes special landscape districts to maintain public improvements that provide special benefits to the property owners served. Landscape improvements include items such as median islands and roadside landscaped areas with enhanced landscaping, fountains, plazas, and other decorative features in the public right-of-way. The maintenance costs for enhanced landscape features are funded by an assessment fee on the annual property taxes of the property owners within the district boundaries.
Special Districts
There are two types of special landscape districts:
  • Community facilities districts (CFD) with additional features, such as lakes, plazas, and pump stations.
  • Maintenance districts (MD) are composed of enhanced lighting and landscape features.

The city currently has 19 special landscape districts, comprising more than 385 acres of enhanced landscape. Trees in the special landscape districts are maintained by the Department of Transportation Special District staff and include specifically designated trees in the public right-of-way, such as median islands, parkstrip plantings, roadside landscaped areas, pocket parks, plazas, and paseos.

Special District Map
Find more information on your Special District by viewing our interactive map