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Tree Policies
Tree Policies
San José has taken numerous steps over the years to protect and grow its community forest. A formal policy helps provide clear direction on the city’s goals and more effectively integrate ordinances, policies, and programs that seek to protect and grow the city’s forest. The result is a more robust, diverse, and healthy community forest that maximizes the economic, environmental, and aesthetic benefits such a forest can offer.

In 2005 and 2007 San José signed onto two sustainability initiatives that commit the city to increase the number of trees it plants. In 2005, San José became a signatory to the urban environmental accords (Action 11) which commits the city to plant 50% of the city’s vacant street tree sites. In 2007, the city adopted its Green Vision (Goal 9) which commits the city to planting 100,000 net new trees by 2022.

Strategic Plan
The San José community forest Strategic Plan seeks to enhance the city’s forestry efforts by outlining the strategies the city needs to monitor, manage, and enhance San José’s community forest. The purpose of the tree policy manual and recommended best practices is to define responsibilities for tree management within the City of San José and to provide guidelines and current recommended best management practices to city staff, residents, and others who provide services to the community forest in the City of San José.