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Diridon Station Area Plan
The City of San José, in coordination with the San José Redevelopment Agency, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, and other local and regional transportation agencies, are developing a plan for a half-mile radius around Diridon Station (approximately 500 acres of land). The objective of this process is to provide a vision and framework for higher intensity / transit-oriented development (TOD) in the area. We invite you to play an active role in shaping this vision.

Employment Lands Preservation
The City Council adopted the Framework for Preservation of Employment Lands on October 23, 2007 to preserve remaining industrial and commercial lands in the City of San José.  With the economic downturn, the pressure to convert employment lands to housing, civic, or retail uses had grown tremendously.  A surge in conversion proposals prompted the City, in June 2003, to hire a consultant team to analyze the potential fiscal impacts of large-scale conversions.  The consultant's report, entitled "Towards the Future: Jobs, Land Use and Fiscal Issues in San Jose's Key Employment Areas: 2000-2020", is accessible here.

Housing Opportunities Study
The Housing Opportunities Study (HOS) was a three-phase effort initiated by the City of San José in January 2000 to identify vacant or underutilized sites near existing or proposed public transportation suitable for high-density residential or mixed-use development. The HOS involved extensive public outreach and analysis, and included public community meetings, public hearings, and public scoping meetings associated with the environmental impact reports completed for each phase.

In response to public input reiterating the importance of maintaining long-established businesses within the neighborhoods under consideration, and as a result of the economy changing from 2000 to the present, new market forces evolved that encouraged the private sector, on its own, to initiate housing opportunities, which ultimately reduced the need for the City to continue initiating such opportunities. Between phase I of the study, which was initiated in 2000, and phase III of the study, which is nearing completion, the private sector's actions have helped fulfill the study's objectives.

In phase 1, completed in February 2001, general plan amendments were approved for thirteen sites (seven along the Capitol Avenue / Expressway transit-oriented development corridor, five in Central San José, and one in North San José) to allow up to approximately 6,000 new housing units.

In phase 2, completed in June 2002, general plan amendments were approved for four sites located along the East Santa Clara Street / Alum Rock Avenue transit-oriented development corridor to allow up to approximately 1,800 new housing units.

As part of phase 3, in December 2004, General plan amendments were approved for four sites (GP03-06-01, GP03-06-02, GP03-06-07, and GP03-06-08) located south and west of downtown (two housing sites near the Curtner light rail station, and two sites near / within the Midtown Specific Plan Area to preserve existing industrial uses and create new parkland) allowing up to approximately 575 new housing units. 

View a complete list of approved HOS-related General Plan amendment sites by study phase.

For more information about this item, please contact the General Plan Team at (408) 535-7800.

Housing Initiative
The Housing Initiative was an innovative program established by the City of San José in 1989 to encourage the production of high-density housing near public transit facilities.