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Workplan / Meetings
Community Engagement Schedule 
 Phase  Description
I. Defining Study's Scope of Work Why?
  • The initial task is to clarify the mission of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee and the vision for the site. The mission and vision will drive the subsequent data gathering phase and directly inform the consultant scope of services, and the internal team composition.
II. Working with the Consultant What? 
  • The provision of information, data, expert opinion and context is the core task for this phase . The Stakeholder Advisory Committee needs to develop a common understanding of the issues and a common language to discuss them.
III. Evaluation of Choices What if?
  • This is the phase of developing alternatives and options (and objective criteria for evaluating them.) It is the opportunity for the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to explore concepts and try out various combinations of ideas . The process will also include a back and forth dialogue with the greater community, taking concepts out for feedback and then refining them with the smaller committee.
IV. Developing a Preferred Recommendation What to do?
  • In the final phase the primary task is crafting a preferred recommendation that that will allow the vision for the site to unfold. This will involve structured and interactive exercises to help the Stakeholder Advisory Committee identify which alternative creates the best balance and offers the strongest opportunities for the site.