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Environmental Review Resources
The following links include information on environmental thresholds, standard mitigation measures, and among others.

Application and Forms

Document Preparation Instructions and Templates

Typical Thresholds and Standard Mitigation Measures

Sample Technical Reports

Traffic Impact Analysis Handbook

Reference Documents

Additional Environmental Resources 


  • Negative Declaration: This is a public document that states that a project will not have any significant effect on the environment. The applicant may need to change the project to include mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate significant impacts before a Negative Declaration can be granted.
  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR): An EIR must be prepared if a project is likely to result in a significant impact on the environment that may be difficult to mitigate or reduce. An EIR is a complete study of all the possible significant environmental impacts of a project and all the possible ways of reducing or mitigating these impacts. It is generally prepared by a consultant under the direction of Planning Division staff. Once certified as complete by the Planning Commission, the EIR helps the decision-makers and the public evaluate the project.
  • Environment: Refers to the physical conditions (both natural and man-made) within an area affected by a proposed project including land, air, water, minerals, plants, animals, noise, traffic, and objects of value because of their beauty or historical significance.
  • Project: A project is an action which is likely to result in physical changes to the environment and which requires a decision by a government agency with the power to approve or deny the action. A project can be an action directly undertaken by a public agency, an action financed by a public agency, or an action by a private person that requires a permit or other approval from a public agency.
  • Initial Study: This is a preliminary analysis by Planning Division staff to determine whether a Negative Declaration can be issued or if an EIR must be prepared. It also identifies the significant impacts an EIR must analyze.
  • Significant Impact or Effect on the Environment: This is a substantial negative change in any of the physical conditions in an area affected by the project.
  • Mitigation: This is an action taken to avoid or reduce an impact or to repair or restore an environment that has already been negatively impacted.
  • Feasible Mitigation: This is mitigation that can be accomplished in a successful manner within a reasonable period of time taking into account economic, environmental, legal, social, and technological factors.