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Building New Green Schools
For New School Buildings
If you are considering building a new school building or buildings, you will receive the greatest benefit from considering green building design and construction practices as early in the process as possible – even before you are considering hiring a design team. Certainly, green building goals should be discussed during your first meeting with the design team. To maximize benefit, think about green building and how it might be incorporated into your project from the beginning when it is less costly to make design choices and changes.

Studies have shown that classrooms designed to provide natural daylighting result in lower teacher/student absence rates, higher test scores, and greater student information retention. Schools designed using green building practices also reduce the energy and material consumption that contributes to global climate change. State funding for school construction and renovation makes incorporating green building into your project more affordable. To learn more and consider whether green building certification is right for your school, see the links below and the information in the Green Certification section.